Lessons Learned Along The Way To Becoming A Boomer

As a baby boomer, born in 1947, author Dave Muehlbauer has seen a lot of history being made. He’s experienced an array of emotions, overcome physical challenges, and fought spiritual battles. But through it all, he’s accumulated wisdom. In Lessons Learned along the Way to Becoming a Boomer, he shares some of that wisdom to help the next generations.

Through scripture, Bible stories, and his personal experiences, Muehlbauer offers insight into a range of topics from life and death to God’s plan for us, to loving God, and learning to pray. He discusses how to develop a faith to boldly face the trials and tribulations against the body and spirit, how to attain the ability to remove fear from the thought of dying, and how to acquire a peaceful spirit with only three fingers.

Delivering an array of messages, Lessons Learned along the Way to Becoming a Boomer is meant to help you overcome any fears about the future and understand that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can do amazing things.